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 develops programs that will help you automate and/or speed up boring tasks in games and other programs. Everyone enjoys playing a game's fun content at high levels with lots of money to spend, while almost no one likes grinding for experience or currency in those games. Our programs will help co-pilot your games for the boring tasks while you do homework, chores, watch TV, or whatever else you want to do with your time. Then, when you're ready to play, you can enjoy the best parts of the game.





Free Auto Clicker

Advanced multi-click auto clicker with optional random settings to appear human

Perfect for any auto clicking task in a game or anything else!


          This auto clicker is light years ahead of other free auto clickers. It's randomness makes game anti-hack teams pull their hair out trying to trace it. Although it works perfectly well in Runescape, this free auto clicker is universal and can be used for any game, program, web browser, or whatever else you need an auto clicker to do. With up to 10 left or right clicks per sequence including click and drag features, this free autoclicker is like a customizable mini-bot for your game.




free auto clicker

GP Advanced AutoClick 10

Version 2.4


Download this free autoclicker

  • Hotkeys to easily Start, Stop & set click locations

  • Sequence multiple Left or Right clicks with ability click & drag

  • Amazing customization settings for intervals between clicks, click location variance, amount of clicks, and much more.

  • Highly advanced randomness for avoiding detection

  • Intelligence that exceeds any other free Auto Clicker

  • Read about all the features, instructions on how to use, and more at the link below!

More information about the auto clicker




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